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Out patients centre
Hévíz, Rákóczi u. 12-14.
(Hotel Kalma)
Tel.: +36 83/545 -

prevention, treatment, rehabilitation




Medical services

Medical examination by a qualified rheumatologist

  • Lasertherapy
  • Laseracupuncture
  • Elektroacupuncture
  • Mud-pack
  • Sulphur-pack
  • Under water massage
  • Four compatment bath
  • Hydroxeur
  • Medicinal gymnastics
  • Massage
  • Electro-therapy
  • Salt-room
  • Magnetic field therapy



  • Rheumatic locomotive problems for all kinds of degenerative calcification problems (arthrosis, problems of the vertebra and the cord system, minor joint and disc problems - spondylosis, spondylartrosis, discopathia).
  • Inflammatory arthritic and spinal complaints in a resting stage (arthritis, poliarthritis, eg.: PCP, spondylarthritis, eg.: Bechterew-disease). For joint gout problems it is efficient only if the acute stage is over. However, the symptoms of chronic arthritic problems can be efficiently relieved.
  • Rheumatism in the connective tissues (diseases of the muscles and ligaments).
  • Secondary arthritic diseases, arthritic problems related to metabolic disorders (eg.: gout)
  • Disorders of the endocrine system.
  • Inflammatory arthritic problems related to skin diseases (eg.: arthritic and vertebra disorders related to psoriasis).
  • After fractions, accident injuries and operations of the locomotive organs (mainly fractions of the limbs) in a state that is suitable for rehabilitation.
  • Chronic problems of the peripheral nervous system, which have mechanic reasons (eg.: ischialgia, polyneuropathia, paresis).
  • Treatment before and after arthritic surgery post-treatment after surgery of herniated disc (discus hernia).
  • Chronic gynaecological diseases.



  • Malignant tumours (in a state which requires surgical treatment or medication).
  • (Decompensated) heart diseases causing circulatory disorders, vascular diseases, high blood pressure (if the appropriate level cannot be set or if it causes problems in the organs), severe atherosclerosis, coronary sclerosis, after heart attack (if prohibited by physician), severe vein problems (vein thrombosis).
  • Any acute inflammatory diseases (vein inflammation and active state of arthritic inflammation).
  • Any type of acute and chronic infectious diseases (eg.: TBC, hepatitis etc.).
  • Leukaemia, any severe diseases of the blood forming organ, severe anemia (leukaemia, anemia, haemophilia).
  • Asthma in case of frequent accessions.
  • Active ulcer (stomach or bowel), kidney problems, kidney stones.
  • Sudden fainting fits (epilepsy, Adams-Stokes syndrome).
  • Chronic alcoholism, severe liver cirrhosis.
  • Weeping eczema, extended sores.
  • Hyperthyreosis with problems in the organs, uncompensated diabetes, sudden weight loss/growth.
  • During the first 6 weeks after X-ray therapy treatment.
  • Pregnancy.