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Out patients centre
Hévíz, Rákóczi u. 12-14.
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Mud pack

The mud used in treatments comes from the famous Hévíz Thermal Lake. Saturation of this mud in the thermal waters creates a unique compound inhabited by healing bacteria and sulphur that has many chemical and biological reactions. Firstly, it has excellent heat-conducting features, cooling down four times slower than water, and secondly, when the sulphur and minerals are absorbed through the skin to the ligaments, cartilages and sinews.The mud is applied either by pump or hand onto the body in a 3 cm-wide layer, except for the head and frontal parts of the chest and neck. Its temperature is normally between 40-42°C. The body is then wrapped up in blankets. After 20 minutes, the mud is hosed off. The mud pack results in a reduction of local swelling around the joints, a reduction of muscle tension and better nutrition of the cartilage, connective tissue and spinal discs. It also strengthens anti-inflammatory activity and immune processes within the body.