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Salt therapy

Salt therapy

Salt has a healing effect on the body, it is an alternative option in case of allergic attacks, has a favourable effect on respiratory complaints, as well as skin and joints problems. Its detoxifying effect typifies purification of the whole body; the inhaled salt crystals promote self-cleansing of the air passages.

Salt therapy is recommended for all as it has a favourable effect on the whole body. It plays a great role in the prevention of diseases, prophylaxis, stress relief and relaxation. Salt therapy is a kind of detoxifying cure, besides having a cleansing effect on the epithelium of the skin.

It is a particularly efficient alternative help for children, whose bodies generally react more quickly to natural therapies.

Salt Inhalation

Inhalation is known to improve the function of the mucous membrane of the breathing apparatus. Natural salts are used in combination with mineral water and inhaled through a tube into the mouth. Inhalation is an effective treatment for people with breathing difficulties such as acute or chronic bronchitis and asthma.

Duration of treatment: 10-15 minutes

Oxygen Therapy

A course of oxygen therapy treatments is excellent in increasing the oxygen supply to the cells and improving immunity. This treatment is recommended as part of a recuperation process and is of beneficial to guests with respiratory problems. Because oxygen increase int he body gives an overall feeling of well being many healthy persons use this treatment in conjunction with their exercise programs to further improve their health. A breathing tube is inserted into the nostrils, during which the guest is able to relax and read. Benefits are usually felt after 5 treatments. Duration of treatment: 1 hour 

Salt room

The special salt blocks deposited in our salt caves are saturated with Clean Air extra® air cleansing climatic solution.The climatic solution evaporates naturally from the vessels and the surface of salt blocks.This results in high humidity int he room,wich recreates the micro-climate of natural salt mines and caves.The air cleansing climatic solution attracts microscopic pollutants,and binds and destroys bacteria and fungi.Thus inhalation of clean air free of dust and pollen and containing salt and minerals is real refreshment for allergic and asthma patients and people suffering from other respiratory diseases.


  • asthma
  • sniffles
  • cold
  • grippe
  • tracheitis
  • sinusitis
  • smoking
  • bronchitis