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Out patients centre
Hévíz, Rákóczi u. 12-14.
(Hotel Kalma)
Tel.: +36 83/545 -

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Movement therapy

Movement therapy

In the course of general movement development the aim is to stimulate brain functions, increase and refine attention and concentration skills. On the other hand, the goal of the movement development treatments – medical gymnastics and direct spinal exercises- , which are primarily carried out in Hévíz, are healing, recovery and prevention. These methods are especially important in the treatment of musculoskeletal diseases.

Physical and therapeutic exercise

Exercise with professional supervision or therapeutic exercise is part of a complex treatment. It is an extremely important therapy in the treatment of locomotor disorders. Unhealthy lifestyles, such as lack of physical exercise in many cases further deteriorate the health of the patients, which can be helped by regular physical exercise. Therapeutic exercise: one of the aims of the physical exercise tailored to the condition of the individual is to restore the injured joints and spine operation, to improve the condition and power of the muscle system, to eliminate its defects and to correct the posture of the individual.

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